About The New Tac Con Auto Trigger

What makes a good gun trigger? The gun enthusiasts will say that it’s the experience. The fact that you can point at something and shoot it without miss makes the whole experience enjoyable. Having a rifle however needs compliance and permits. You don’t possess what is not legal. As you consider the experience, make sure that it’s within the compliance range. The Tac Con 3MR trigger system is now live and trendy. If you got an AR-15, its time you did get this new update. It comes with an advantage of selectable firing in combination with so many other benefits.


A 3-mode model

With this new trigger, you are able to enjoy not just one modes but three of them. The safe comes first for safety purposes. When this mode is on, your riffle can fire up anything. This feature is there in all the other triggers. The second mode is the semi-auto. When this is on, you can have the rifle containing a single stage or a 4.5 pound pull or even a match grade. Another mode is the Tac Con single stage with the same 4.5 pound pull and with a reset option. The reset feature will help in keeping the shoot intervals shorter. With this final mode, you can enjoy controllability and balance.

What you get

You can expect some transformation of your gun once you get the updated trigger system. Once you have it on your gun, you will notice an n increased rate of fire shooting and at the same time, no influence on the accuracy. That is what every gun enthusiast is looking for. A gun that can shoot without having to move around with imbalances. This does not come just in theory. There has been tests carried out to confirm this and the results have proved everything right. It’s the users themselves that claim of a better rifle. The fire doesn’t have to be rough any more. You can make it smooth with the new advancement. Don’t however expect a full automatic system. The fire rate is only increased but not made automatic. For automatic systems, you only need one press and the bullets will flow out in series. For this one, you have to use multiple-presses.


The facts

There are certain things that remain constants in this Tac Con Auto Trigger. Some of these are discussed hereof.

  • Easy installation – guns are made of components. With your AR 15 rifle, you don’t need to waste time trying to install the new trigger. Just get rid of the old one, fix in the new one and have it supported by the pins.
  • Three-mode – it’s an advantage you got. Look around the market and you will see no gun with a three mode trigger.
  • Durability – the trigger components are all covered by nickel Teflon for durability purposes.
  • It’s a seamless design – all is smooth.

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