How to Mix Whiskey and Chocolate Together?

If we mix whiskey and chocolate together we would get a drink from heaven. But, people often avoid these combinations of flavors because they think that these mixtures are not necessary in order to improve a flavor.

It is important to find a balance in everything. For example, if you want to make a balance in your life maybe you should start by making some interesting drinks with mixed flavors. So, balancing between sweet, salty, sour and many other flavors, would be a perfect choice.

So, let’s learn more about this! Here is one interesting article about mixing whiskey and chocolate. Jacques Bezuidenhout has published an article for Liquor site.


Who wouldn’t love the task of tasting through a lineup of stellar whiskies from around the world and pairing them with a selection of delectable chocolates? When my editor asked me to do this, it was one of the many moments in my life when I ponder how I manage to get paid for these types of things.

While it was enjoyable, it wasn’t so simple. I originally thought that most chocolate would pair easily with most whiskies. That turns out not to be the case. Too many variables—wood, peat, age, proof and grain—have to work with the array of different styles and flavors of chocolate available. Hours into it, with a liquor buzz and a sugar high, I still felt like I had only scraped the surface. Read the full artcile here.

Here are more ways to make some interesting drinks which include whiskey. We are sure that you will become a master at this after reading this article which has been published by QQ site.

The Best Ways To Drink Whiskey

** 1 Part Whiskey + 1 Part Whiskey + 1 Part Whiskey = Your New Favorite Cocktail**
There’s something alchemical going on in this cocktail: Old Overholt, Jack, and Johnnie, equal parts, over ice. No bitters, no twist. No artisanal tonic water. And somehow, improbably, almost magically, it’s a revelation. (At Brooklyn’s Five Leaves, they call it Whiskey in a Jar.) All of the subtle flavors that differentiate scotch and rye get drowned out, and all that’s left is the point of overlap—the harmony. Sweet, refreshing, just a little bit woody, and boozy as you’d expect it to be. It’s kind of the perfect summer cocktail—at the very least, it’s the easiest one to make at home.

The Julep With a Backbone
How do you improve upon the quintessential summer whiskey drink? Give it a spine. Joaquín Simó co-owner of white-hot Pouring Ribbons in New York City, takes the traditional recipe—ice, mint, bourbon, sugar—and gilds the lily each step of the way. Read the full artcile here.

In the video above Joe will help you to make your first whiskey-chocolate cocktail! If you want to play more with this, you are a perfect candidate for Flat Iron Grill Whiskey Dinner. This is an educational night where you can learn about the various intricacies of whiskey from whiskey experts. Click on the link above to find out more about this.

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