Help Others By Becoming A Paramedic

Helping others is the best thing you can do with your life. And what could be better than having this noble cause as your profession? Paramedics are respected world wide because they are helping people in need all the time. It is the ethical responsibility of all people to help them in their work.

Paramedics is a noble profession because they help others regardless of who they are. Anyone who needs their services can call them for help. Paramedic staff is trained to provide a number of valuable services in the hour of need.

Paramedics have always helped people from all walks of life. Here is one such story by Rick Daysog at Hawaii News Now:

Paramedics help sex trafficking victims

By Rick Daysog, Reporter

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –
A 17-year-old victim of sex trafficking tells a chilling tale of beatings and abuse by her pimp, but, like many women forced to sell their bodies, “Dee Dee” said she was reluctant to seek medical attention out of fear of further beatings or being arrested by the police.

“I was beaten so bad to the point where I had a concussion,” said “Dee Dee,” whose name was changed to protect her identity. “I blacked out and I have a ding on the back of my head because of that beating. I knew I needed help, but I couldn’t get it.”

Dee Dee recounted her story to dozens of Oahu paramedics yesterday as part of a new training program to reach out to women victimized by trafficking abuse.

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Value and need of paramedics is especially realized when any natural disaster occurs. Be it a hurricane or an earthquake, large scale calamities call for services of emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Paramedics are always vigilant and ready to render themselves useful.

Compassion of paramedics is not limited to humans only, they are helping all creatures alike. Here is one such story at LifeWithDogs.Tv:

Paramedics Help Save Injured Dog

04/15/2013 POSTED BY ADMIN

Three Lake Arrowhead, California paramedics went above and beyond their job when they came to the rescue of a German shepherd that was severely injured.

The crew of Engine 92 was heading back to the fire station on Friday when they spotted an injured dog beside Highway 173. Sadie was with her owner Matthew Tippens and Tippens’ mom Brenda. She had been hit by a car and was severely bleeding from her leg. All three members of the crew were paramedics and they quickly came to the aid of Sadie. They bandaged up her bleeding leg but were don’t helping there.

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Here is a video by 630 CHED which shows a typical day at work in the life of a paramedic:

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