Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill Desk

Many people don’t have free time to exercise but this is something that every person has to do at least two or three times per week. We talk about serious exercises which last at least 30-45 minutes. If you don’t have free time to do these long exercises then you should do short exercises every day for about 10 minutes. If you still have no time, then we have something for you! That is called a Treadmill Desk!

Treadmill Desks are very popular lately because it gives you the opportunity to walk while working. Natalie Shomaker from BigThink has written more about this subject in her article.

Walking on a Treadmill Desk Shouldn’t Be Your Only Source of Exercise

Sitting is killing us. Even exercising daily can’t make up for the eight hours we spend toiling at a desk. As a way of counteracting this issue, the treadmill desk was born. But a new study shows that while these machines can help us get a dose of daily activity, it shouldn’t be our only source of activity.

Melissa Dahl from NYMag writes on a study by John M. Schuna, Jr., an exercise scientist, who found in his research that treadmill desks don’t even provide the minimum amount of physical activity we need in order to stay healthy.

The study, outlined in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, took 41 overweight participants who work at a desk as part of their day job. Twenty-one were assigned to work at a treadmill desk for 12 weeks, while the remaining participants stuck to their usual sitting routine. The treadmill desk group increased their daily steps per day (around 1,622), but not enough to reach the recommended 10,000 step daily average. Read the full article here.

Many people have concerns about this table because they fear they will not be able to write while they are walking. Yves Hanoulle did exactly that and proved that this table is amazing. In his article, he described his experience of using a treadmill desk. Let’s take a look.

I’m working from a walking desk (Treadmill desk)

In 1998 I became independent. As I work usually at my clients side, I have invested a lot in computers, yet almost nothing in my local office. I bought a desk from IKEA and used some second hand desk I got from friends & family.
About the time we first started talking about changing our house, I read about a standing desk. For someone who was a former DJ and now sitting most of the time, that appealed to me. As a DJ I had a standing desk ?
I was not sure about standing, I’m not as young as I was when I was DJ-ing all night.
Then I came across the idea of a walking desk.
The idea, is that you walk about 1.6 miles (2.4 km) an hour, while working. The theory behind, is that our body is more made to walk then to sit still. The minute I saw this, I was immediately sold. That is what I wanted in my home office.
When we started to discuss the plans of new house, I mentioned that to my architect. At that moment I was convinced that I should first have my new office and only then invest in a walking desk. Fast forward to the moment I saw the blog post from Peter. Peter is the ceo of Leanpub, the company behind the tools we used to produce our book: who is agile. Read the full article.

In the video above you can see how this man work while he walking. So, it is obvious that treadmill desk has many positive effects on our health. If you buy this desk you will avoid many health hazards and diseases. Check this link above to learn more about treadmill desks.

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