Choosing the best type of grass

Nobody wants that their little piece of land around their house looks like a barren, infertile waste land. Garden should be a place of serenity and rest, a place for meditation and children’s play. Garden needs to have a soul and be full of life. It cannot be full of life without trees, shrubbery, flowers and many other ornaments of nature. One of the most beautiful natural ornaments is grass undoubtedly. Grass is an essential item of every garden. Nice, lush, healthy green grass will adorn your garden and give it back its soul.

But before buying and planting your grass seed make sure that you have chosen the right type of grass. While choosing the grass type you should take into a consideration a particular area where you live, whether climate in your area is warm or cold. You can choose among two big groups of grasses: warm season grasses and cool season grasses. The warm season grasses are for lawns in the hot areas of the south. Cool season grasses also prosper in sunlight, but areas where temperatures tend to be cooler best suit them.

type_of_grassIf you are from a transition area and you are still thinking about which is the best type of grass for you and you haven’t made your decision yet because you want some resistant grass that can suit to different conditions, then Fescue grasses are the best choice for you. They are known for their tolerance to both drought and shade and possess the ability to stay green during the entire year. Most of the cool season grassess do not grow well in the lower areas of the transition zone where seasons are too hot for them to survive. As for warm season grasses, they do not stand well and cannot thrive in the cool seasons of the upper part of the transition zone. That is why Fescue grass is the best for transition areas. They can fit into any growing condition and prosper where many other grasses will not grow.

Now when you have made your decision, you can contact some of the warehouses that sell grass seed on large. They offer many types of grass seeds and a great variety of wholesale grass seed prices. There you can find high quality grass seed at a low price and choose among a wide range of grass seed mixtures. No matter whether you need seed for planting a large area or a small one, you can take as much as you need and get a bulk seed or just a few kilograms. Great warehouses also offer different equipment for keeping your garden neat, like lawn mowers and sprayers for making sure that your precious lawn does not lack water. There you can also find all sorts of fertilizers for keeping your grass fed, as well as all sorts of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and insecticides, etc. You do not have to worry about anything. You will certainly find what you are looking for.

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