The Benefits Of Bed Alarms For Seniors

bed alarms for elderlyThese days, people are living longer than ever. While this is good news, it also means that there is a higher likelihood that people will develop physical or mental health problems as they age. As someone gets older, they may start to experience cognitive difficulties. They may also have trouble getting around. Unfortunately, this can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if they slip and fall or wander away. Thankfully, bed alarms for seniors can help.

These pressure-sensitive alarms sense whether or not an elderly person is still in their bed. They automatically send an alarm to the caregiver if the person gets out of bed. There are quite a few benefits associated with this.

For one thing, it provides the caregiver with a chance to check on the person to make sure that they don’t need any help. For instance, if an elderly person gets up to go to the bathroom during the night, the caregiver can check to make sure that they got back to bed okay without falling or experiencing any problems. This can be important since older people sometimes are unable to call for help once they slip or fall.

These alarms can also be helpful in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Sometimes, people with these conditions tend to wander off unexpectedly. This can be extremely dangerous if they happen to leave their home or the facility where they are staying. Being alerted the minute that they get out of bed can help the caregiver locate them before they get too far. This can help ensure that they stay safe and don’t wind up getting lost or wandering too far away.

One of the best things about these alarms is that they are extremely unobtrusive. Once they are placed on the bed, it is practically impossible to detect that they are there. Additionally, they generally don’t set off an alarm in the room when they are activated. Instead, the alarm is sent directly to the caregiver. That means that it won’t startle the elderly person if they happen to trigger the alarm. Instead, it just provides a simple alert to the caregiver so that they can check on them and make sure that they don’t need any assistance.

Another good thing about these alarms is that the elderly person doesn’t have to wear anything on their body. That means that there is nothing that they can get tangled in. Instead, the alarm pad simply is placed on the bed and doesn’t interfere with their movements at all. In many cases, the alarms are cordless, meaning that there are no wires to deal with either.

Bed alarms for seniors are also surprisingly affordable. This is especially true when you consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an elderly person is safe and sound in their own room and that they are not in need of assistance. Being able to respond quickly if something goes wrong is well worth the relatively minor investment that goes along with buying one of these products.

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